In 2008, a friend contacted owner, Jodi Brooks, to arrange a party favor for a bridal shower. Jodi’s idea was to have guests make their own favors from an assortment of candy arranged in glass vases complimented with flowers, candles, and bowed ribbons. This was the creation of our first candy buffet.

Following this event, guests and their friends contacted Jodi requesting candy buffet arrangements for the special occasions they were hosting. As requests continued through word-of-mouth, we decided to develop the concept into a full time family business . . . Sweet Treat Buffets was formed.

Beginning to develop our core business principle of designing creative buffet arrangements, we tapped into Jodi’s baking interest by offering cupcakes, cookies, and specialty “pop” items in addition to candy. With these additional options, the candy buffet expanded into our present day dessert bar concept. In 2014, we changed our name to Pittsburgh Sweet Treats to better reflect our expanded offerings.

As our catered desert bar business grew, we began receiving smaller requests for our baked items. As we honored these requests, our business began to evolve and the need to expand was evident. In 2017, we opened our Pittsburgh Sweet Treats Shop located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

Today, our sweet shop serves our guests as a traditional brick and mortar where “walk in” guests may purchase items or guests may pick up their “pre ordered” items. Our shop also serves as a staging area for our “catered dessert bar” service. Here, hundreds of props and decorations are ready to compliment our sweets to transform any event into a theatrical-like experience.

Thank you for visiting the Pittsburgh Sweet Treats website. We look forward to your inquiries and in-store visits!